Jaguar XK8 XKR XJ8 Tool Hire Service

Hopefully some jobs you need to do on your XK8 or R will only need to be done once whilst the car is in your ownership such as Engine Timing Chains and Tensioners, Front wheel bearings, Spring replacement etc. However, the cost of buying the special Jaguar tools required for the job will in many cases be more than the cost of the parts !. Tools can obviously be sold on but for many owners these expensive tools will be sat in the back of the garage for years and may never to be used again.

For this reason Dave Roche of DCR AutoParts can now offer a tool hire service with the objective of reducing the overall cost of repairs for Jaguar XK8 and R owners.

We are just starting off with a selection of the most common tools required for the XK8 and XKR’s but can quickly expand this if there is sufficient demand for other tools needed.

Please contact Dave @ DCR AutoParts to confirm your requirements and to order.


XK8 and R Engine Tools

Recommended Tool Set for Timing Chains  and Tensioners


303-530 Camshaft setting / locking bar (each) 2 Recommended @ £66


303 530 Camshaft Setting Locking Bar

Cost  – £132

Hire Charge Per Week  – £33


303-531 Crankshaft locking peg


303 531 Camshaft Locking Peg

Cost  – £30

Hire Charge Per Week  – £8


303-532 Timing Chain Tensioner


303 532 Timing Chain Tensioner


Cost  – £65

Hire Charge Per Week  – £16

303-588 Crankshaft / Harmonic damper puller


303 588 Crankshaft Harmonic Damper Puller

Cost – £80

Hire Charge Per Week – £20

For the Jaguar XK8 Non Supercharged Cars:

303-191-02 Front Pulley Lock Adaptor

XK8 Parts 303 191 02 Front Pulley Lock Adaptor Non SC Models

Cost – £80

Hire Charge Per Week – £20

OR for the Jaguar XKR Supercharged Cars:

303-191-03 Front Pulley Lock Adaptor

XK8 XKR Parts 303 191 03 Front Pulley Lock Adaptor SC Models

Cost – £80

Hire Charge Per Week – £20



Total Timing Chain and Tensioner Tool Costs – £403 

Hire Charge Per Week for the Complete Tool Set  – £98.75


Brakes and Suspension Tools

206-066B ABS Rotor Nut Socket


206 066B ABS Rotor Nut Socket

Cost  – £149

Hire Charge Per Week – £37

Cooling System 

FTA579 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers

FTA579 Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers

Cost £55

Hire Charge Per Week – £13

Please CONTACT DAVE if you would like to either hire the tools or purchase outright.


Please Note: Any XKEC members quoting their membership number will receive a 5% discount from the above prices.



1. Dave Roche – Jaguar Parts cannot be held liable whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by or as a consequence of the use of the tools.

2. A damage / loss deposit will be charged at the full price of each tool on each hire and will be refunded in full if the tool is returned and in the same condition as received by the hirer.

3. A tool shipping charge will be made at cost plus 20% and UK VAT (if applicable).

4. All tools are thoroughly checked and hired out in clean, working order. Tools must be cleaned of grease, oil or other fouling prior to return. A cleaning charge may be applied for tools that are returned in dirty condition.

4. The hirer will be responsible for the carriage costs for the return of tools. Tools must be returned in the original packaging.

5. Dave Roche can organise the collection of tools by courier at cost + 20%.

6. Sub-hiring is not allowed without the written consent of Dave Roche Jaguar Parts.

7. Tools must only be used for the purpose to which they were designed. Repair operations must be carried out in accordance with procedures given in the repair operation manual covering the model on which they are being used. The hirer must be satisfied of the integrity of the relevant part(s) of the vehicle before commencing work on that vehicle.

9. Our Standard Hire Period is one week begining with despatch on Wednesday for return by the following Tuesday.

10. All hire must be paid by PayPal or using Credit or Debit Card through the PayPal system. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay this way. By hiring the tools under these terms and conditions, you agree to authorise Dave Roche Jaguar Parts to invoice for additional periods of hire and send a PayPal request for payment accordingly.

10. All prices quoted include VAT at the rate of 20%. For hirer’s living outside of the UK and the EEC, no UK VAT will be payable

11. We reserve the right to amend prices without notification.

Please CONTACT DAVE if you would like to either hire the tools or purchase outright.


DCR XK8 XKR Parts and Accessories.




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