X100 Lower Rear Wing Repair Panel

Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Lower Rear Wing Repair Panel

After several months of discussing, researching and producing the required tooling for this part I am pleased to announce the availability of this Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) lower rear wing repair panel. As many owners will know this is a notoriously bad area on the car for corrosion. Condensation can build on the inside of the panel and will run down to sit and stay in the bottom lip of the panel. Also the exterior of the panel behind the rear wheels is exposed to dirt and dampness thrown up by the rear wheels. The bottom section of the panel is attacked from both sides with corrosion running from behind the rear wheel to the the area underneath the rear lights. With these steel bodied cars getting older it is likely that many cars will already of had problems or the problems are just waiting to surface (literally !) See below.

Typical Jaguar XKR XKR Rusty Rear Wing

Typical Jaguar XKR XKR Rusty Rear Wing

In the past the repair options have been to either make repairs to this area of the car or replace the whole quarter panel parts at high cost.

At the time of writing this is an update on the parts availability:

Convertible to Vin A40264

LH – FJA1321BE – No Longer Available

RH – FJA1320BE – No Longer Available

Convertible From Vin A40265

LH – C2N3006 – No Longer Available

RF – C2N3007 – £836 + VAT

Coupe to Vin A40264

LH – FJA1321AF – No Longer Available

RH – FJA1320AF – £1661 + VAT

Coupe From Vin A40265

LH – C2N2864 – £1661 + VAT

RH – C2N2864 – £1684 + VAT

For those panels that are available add to their high cost the many labour hours of specialised time to firstly remove the old quarter panel and then fit the new quarter panel to the inner structure

As no repair panels have been available to date owners and body work specialists have had to fabricate repairs welding in many sections of metal to try and replicate the general curvature of the panel which curves at the bottom of the wing and then round to underneath the light area. We have seen repairs to wings looking like a patchwork quilt of metal sections. Large amounts of body filler are then used to try and reproduce the general shape.

For this reason we have produced this semi hand crafted repair panel based on tooling that in turn has been based on the genuine Jaguar panels.


* the panel has been designed to repair just the area most susceptible to corrosion

* considerably reduced parts cost

* considerably reduced labour costs

* welding reduced to a minimum results in improved longevity of the repair

* reduced amount of body filling to ensure a perfect finish

PLEASE NOTE – due to the curvature in the bottom of the rear wing of the Jaguar XK8 and R model, the panels are difficult to make and can be difficult to fit requiring the skills of an experienced panel beater. Some people will either use the whole panel or use sections of it as required. The panel can save a lot of time (and money) in not having to fabricate panel sections for this area of the car.

The part numbers for each handed side are:

* DCRJP1119 RH Panel
* DCRJP1120 LH Panel

Price of wheel arch repair panel is £145.00 + shipping and VAT each


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Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Rear Floor Pan Repair Panel – Have You Checked Your Rear Floor Pan ?

Have You Checked the Rear Floor area on Your XK8 XKR (X100) ? – we can now supply a repair panel for this area.

Jaguar XK8 XKR Rear Floor Repair Panel

See below the repair panel positioned in the rear floor pan area.

Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Rear Floor Pan Repair Panel

Please also see the image below. This was sent in from a customer showing the extent of the rust / corrosion. It is a particularly bad example but this is not an area that is often checked due to the limited space and the difficulty of removing the carpet. Also if any water has got into the floor area then without any drains it will just reside in the foam underlay under the carpet for many years until discovered. Rust will then develop in the area.

Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Bad Corrosion of the Rear Floor Pan Area

We have produced this panel to help repair this area of the car and to retain as far as possible the original floor pattern. We have seen many cases where just a flat metal plate has been welded in.

The part number for each side is:

* DCRJP1115 LH and RH Panel

Rear floor repair panels £95.00 each + Shipping and VAT.

No VAT to pay if you live outside EEC Countries.


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XKR Bonnet

Jaguar XKR (X100) Bonnet

The standard XK8 bonnet does not have air vents/grills but the XKR with supercharger gear does. This is to help disseminate the tremendous amount of heat generated by the engine. This gives the XKR a practical and attractive styling giving the car a more sporting look.

The standard XKR vents/grills are made of plastic and painted in body colour. We can supply the standard events but also impressive aftermarket products.

The Jaguar Part Number and indicative prices for bonnets excluding VAT and as at 31.10.13 are:

XKR Bonnet / Hood FJB3005FA – £581.02

We have a selection of good used XKR Bonnets ranging from £395.00 + Shipping and VAT.

No VAT to pay if you live outside EEC Countries.


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