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Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Rear Floor Pan Repair Panel – Have You Checked Your Rear Floor Pan ?

Have You Checked the Rear Floor area on Your XK8 XKR (X100) ? - we can now supply a repair panel for this area.

Jaguar XK8 XKR Rear Floor Repair Panel

See below the repair panel positioned in the rear floor pan area.

Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Rear Floor Pan Repair Panel

Please also see the image below. This was sent in from a customer showing the extent of the rust / corrosion. It is a particularly bad example but this is not an area that is often checked due to the limited space and the difficulty of removing the carpet. Also if any water has got into the floor area then without any drains it will just reside in the foam underlay under the carpet for many years until discovered. Rust will then develop in the area.

Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Bad Corrosion of the Rear Floor Pan Area

We have produced this panel to help repair this area of the car and to retain as far as possible the original floor pattern. We have seen many cases where just a flat metal plate has been welded in.

Rear floor repair sections £148.75 each + Shipping and VAT.

No VAT to pay if you live outside EEC Countries.


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XK8 and XKR Lowered Springs Kit – 25mm Lower

Upgrade Your Car's Springs for only £235 ! (+ VAT where applicable)

We are pleased to offer these high quality British Made uprated and lowered coil spring Kits. This has been in response to the often spasmodic supply and high cost of the XK8 and XKR springs from Jaguar, to give a more sportier look and improve handling.

Jaguar XK8 and XKR Lowering Coil Spring Kits Eibach

Jaguar XK8 and XKR (X100) Lowered Coil Spring Kit

The Key Features are:

* Will Lower your car by a safe height reduction of approximately 25mm.
* More dynamic handling
* Motorsport materials used for durability
* Lower stance for a more sportier look
* Precision engineered design
* Everyday usability not compromised
* British made

Kit price for both the front 2 and rear 2 springs is just £235 + shipping and VAT.

If you live outside the EEC then no VAT is payable. This price is significantly cheaper that than the equivalent Jaguar springs prices - if you can get them !!

To order CLICK HERE TO contact Dave to enquire or order

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Refurbished Jaguar Detroit Wheels and Tyres MXD6156CB and MXD6156BB

Refurbished Jaguar Detroit Wheels and Tyres MXD6156CB and MXD6156BB

Nice set of refurbished Jaguar Detroit 20 ins wheels with new Pirelli P Zero tyres waiting to be packed and shipped to our customer in Spain. Part numbers 2 x MXD6156CB and 2 x MXD6156BB.

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