XK8 and XKR Parts: Improve Your Ride with Polybushes

Improve your ride – latest Polybush kit for XK8 and XKR

Worn bushes can affect the handling and ride of a car. On an XK8 / XKR, they should be changed if you are replacing the ball joints or shock absorbers / springs. However true to form on an XK8 / R, the bushes are unique and require care in replacement.

There is now a new range of British made Polyurethane bushes for the XK8 / XKR range as a direct replacement for the standard XK8 / XKR parts.These bushes are designed to give a taut yet refined ride and will also improve handling without a trade off in excessive vibration. Polyurethane bushes have a much longer life span than normal.

If replacing the bushes, then it is advisable to get a full set kit. This contains four each of front upper and lower wishbone bushes and a set of anti roll bar bushes.

Note that there are two different part numbers, those ending with the suffix CA fit on the front lower wishbone whilst those ending with BB are for the rear lower wishbone – beware as they look the same but are different.

Price for the full set of front suspension polybushes is £255 + Shipping and UK VAT. No VAT to pay if living outside of the EEC Countries

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XK8 and XKR Parts Wind Deflectors for Jaguar XK8 and XKR Convertibles

XK8 XKR Parts – Wind Deflector for Convertible

When driving for some time with the soft top down in the northern hemisphere countries, it’s no surprise that exposure to the cold elements can make you feel tired and weary after your journey. So much so that the soft top is often only taken down on warm days. Wind deflectors can help here and are available to fit the XK8 and XKR convertible models from 1996 to 2005.

Without one, driver and passenger will experience wind blown hair and here in the UK potentially a degree of exposure to the elements to say the least !!. If the wind can be deflected then more heat can be retained in the cockpit making driving with the top down much more frequent and comfortable even in winter. May even allow your hair to look in a reasonable state after a journey !.

Features and benefits are:

1. Cockpit heat retention on cold days
2. Improved sound / acoustics
3. No restriction to visibility
4. Deflection of air currents when high speed cruising
5. Can remain fitted with the roof up
6. Can be easily un clipped for fast removal

The latest wind deflectors are made of high quality materials / parts and come with complete fitting instructions for your XK8 / XKR convertible.

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Jaguar XK8 and XKR Parts

Jaguar XK8 and XKR (X100) Parts Manual

Jaguar XK8 and XKR (X100) Parts Manual

Jaguar never produced a Parts Manual for use by Jaguar XK8 / R owners and this can make the identification and ordering of parts more difficult. This XK8 / XKR parts manual / catalogue comes from a much larger manual used by dealers and repair shops to estimate repair costs for vehicles. It is based on vehicles sold in the USA / Canada but the part numbers and diagrams relate to all Jaguar XK8’s and XKR’s from 1997 to 2005. It contains the genuine Jaguar part numbers, diagrams, approximate prices in US $ (several years old now), and estimated labour time for replacing each part. Diagrams allow you to poinpoint the XK8 parts that you need and the estimate of time will allow you to gain an idea of how much time it will take to repair your car. It is not a service / repair manual, only a parts manual / catalogue.

The detailed sub sections include:

Air Conditioning, Heater, Ventilation
Air Bags
Body Panels (Bumpers, Doors, Fenders, Hood, Roof, etc)
Brakes, ABS
Convertible Top (if applicable)
Cooling System, Radiator, Water Pump, Hoses
Dashboard, Instrument Panel, Console
Cruise Control System
Electrical (Alternator, Battery, Starter, Ignition, Lights, Cruise, Horn, Wipers)
Emission System, Exhaust
Engine (oil pan, belts, pulleys, mounts, accessories; NOT internal parts)
Front Bumper
Front Door
Front Fender
Front Inner Structure
Front Lamps
Front Seat
Front Steering / Linkage Gear
Front Suspension
Fuel Tank
Interior Trim
Mouldings, Trim
Paint Codes
Rear Axle Drive
Rear Lamps
Rear Suspension
Seat Belts
Supercharger / Intercooler
Transmission (mounts only)
Windows, Glass

The parts manual is sent electronically as a PDF file and (if required) it can be printed off and bound as a hard copy reference guide.

Price is just £4.75 + UK VAT if you live in the UK. If you live outside the UK no VAT will be payable.


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XK8 Parts Review, Front Subframe Potential Problem – Warning to XK8 / XKR Owners

As the Jaguar XK8 gets older it’s expected that the front suspension parts will become worn and require replacement. Typically wheel bearings, top and bottom wishbone bushes, springs, shock absorbers ball joints etc will all eventually require replacement.

XK8 Parts Review - Front Suspension / Subframe Problem Warning

XK8 Parts Review – Front Suspension / Subframe Problem Warning

However, if your car’s front suspension is making a knocking noise don’t necessarily assume it is caused by one of the above and fork out a pile of cash to replace one or more of these parts. A clonking sound from the front suspension can be a far more serious problem to resolve.

This could be due to the top wishbone bushes seizing to the steel fulcrum pin. The combined seized unit then wearing away at the all aluminium subframe of the car and creating an oval shaped pin hole. When this happens the wheel and the suspension become unstable and tend to float around with the excess play. This will obviously then manifest itself with a deterioration in handling and increased road (clonking) noise.

It is not hard to understand how this can happen when you look at Jaguar’s poor design of the top wishbone / bushes and fulcrum pin assembly and area. At each pin hole end, this is hollowed out and allows water, dirt and salt etc to ingress into the hole and corrode the bush and pin. No protection is provided for the exposed area or in fact Jaguar maintenance advice to periodically clean and protect the area with grease or Waxoyl.

The top front and rear bushes are designed to self lubricate and rotate as required around the fulcrum pin. However, when these become corroded, the combined seized unit then wears way at the aluminium subframe. To make things worse, an electrolytic reaction can take place caused by the steel pin passing through the aluminium subframe and the steel inserts of the bushes.

If the subframe wear is excessive, this may require complete replacement with either a new or good used subframe. A new subframe will be well over £1500 to replace !!. A much lower cost solution would be for an experience motor engineer to add new inserts into the subframe and then replace the pin and two bushes parts. At the time of adding this post to the website I don’t know how successful this latter approach has been.

I have checked my car for play and corrosion in this area and all seems to be working fine. I have fully protected the bushes, pin and general area with Waxoyl. If I do hear a knocking sound from the front suspension, then this will be the first area that I will check !.

Finally, if your having work done to remove the XK8 top wishbone assembly parts then maybe it’s more cost-effective to replace all the bushes and ball joints even springs and shock absorbers at the same time as these will inevitably have to be replaced at some point in the future and the finished job will contribute to improved handling, piece of mind and enjoyment of your car.

To enquire / order front suspension parts CONTACT US AT XK8 PARTS NOW.

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XK8 and XKR Rear Suspension Parts List Now live

XK8 Parts Review - XK8 / XKR Rear Suspension Layout

XK8 Parts Review – XK8 / XKR Rear Suspension Layout

The rear suspension system of the Jaguar XK8 / XKR is generally working well in service. However, as the car ages, we are starting to hear of some problems with the CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension) System cars and the interface with the electrical system not working possibly down to the shock absorber parts rotating and pulling off the connections.

Changing the rear shock absorbers can be difficult with the rear suspension having to be lowered and the required use of a slim spring compressor. The fulcrum pin holding the shock absorber in place may well have corroded and then needs to be cut off with an angle grinder.

However all can be resolved and we are pleased to announce that the rear suspension layout and the associated parts list can be reviewed and

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