XK8 and XKR Convertible Hood Mechanism: Common Problems and Correct Oil to use

In earlier examples of the Jaguar XK8 / XKR, slow or erratic operation of the hood is typically caused by the type of oil used in the hydraulic system. This has a tendency to coagulate and take on the form of marmalade type strands which obviously then will affect the operation of the hood mechanism. Since then, Jaguar changed the oil used in the XK8 / XKR hood mechanism.

To therefore resolve problems with the XK8 / XKR hood operation parts and system in the earlier cars there is a need to drain the system, to then fully strip down the hydraulics, flush through the oil and then replace with the new oil. Ideally the system needs to be flushed 2-3 times to ensure the old oil is fully removed and to ensure the future smooth operation of the hood mechanism system.

The procedure to change the oil should be available in one of the Jaguar forums.

One of the XK8 / XKR tools that may be required is the Allen key supplied with all convertible models and sited in the boot next to the pump. This enables the hood to be hand wound down in the event of complete electrical failure.

The correct fluid to use is Pensoil CHF 11S.

Correct oil for XK8 and XKR convertibles

Correct oil for XK8 and XKR Convertibles

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XK8 Parts Review, Timing Chain Tensioner Problems

The good news is that XK8 4.2 engines fitted to cars from 2003 onwards are on the whole virtually bullet proof with all the problems associated with the earlier XK8 engines fitted from 1996 to 2002 having being resolved. For earlier XK8 owners like me, there are some serious issues but thankfully all can be resolved.

Read below more on the cause of the timing chain tensioner problems, photos of worn parts and information on how to sort the problem out with the latest 4th generation replacement kit:

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XK8 Parts Review – XK8 Engine Misfire

Some weeks back my XK8 experienced uneven running for a short time and then resumed back to normal running. When the misfire occurred, the dashboard displayed – ‘restricted mode’. I have since changed all the spark plugs and initially the car ran well but since then the misfire has returned. With my MK2 and the older Jaguars, it was a question of working backwards from the plug – to the plug cap – to the plug lead and then to the distributor cap (points and rotor arm).

Read below more on what was the cause of the engine misfire:

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Jaguar XK8 XKR Parts Post:Window Reset Procedure

Jaguar XK8 / XKR Window Memory Loss


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XK8 and XKR Sports Rear Exhaust System Unleash the Growl in Your V8

XK8 XKR Big Bore Stainless Steel Rear Sports Link Pipes with Large Oval Finishers

When I purchased my 2001 XK8 Jaguar in 2007 then 6 years old, I was tempted to buy one of the latest XK8 / XKR stainless steel exhaust systems thinking serious exhaust corrosion especially in Scotland would be imminent. It’s now May 2012 and the mild grade stainless steel is still holding together – when will it ever corrode out and I’ll have to replace it ? Jaguar appear to have got their exhaust system quality right at last !. However, the oldest XK8’s are 16 years old and time is taking it’s toll with systems starting to fail necessitating replacing all or some of the exhaust system.

I have had a Triumph Stag and Jensen Interceptor in the past and the sound from these V8 systems is intoxicating ! Lets face it, the original XK8 / XKR exhausts make the car sound too quiet and don’t exploit in sound the great power of the engine.

We are now selling the latest in full stainless steel performance exhausts but with my car until the middle silencer and over axle silencers fail, I am very tempted to try a rear sports exhaust system which are reasonably priced at around just £180 + shipping and VAT. I have heard the system on other cars and it gives the car a real sporting sound. They are easy to fit, just remove the old rear boxes and replace with the straight through system. The flush-fit appearance of the two oval stainless steel tail tips fit and fill the original cut-outs perfectly. The exhausts sections are available for both the 4.0 and 4.2 litre XK8 and XKR models. Fuel economy is apparently the same however I must admit I think there will be an increased tendancy to use your right foot to get the impressive growl !.

The stainless steel systems we now stock are a direct replacement for the rear boxes so if you did need to get replacement over axle and middle sections then we can supply. If you want to order, please advise if your car is a 1996 to 2001 or car or post 2001 as the brackets are different.

When I get a chance in-between sending XK8 / R and other Jaguar Parts to customers, this will be the next priority job on my XK8 Parts and job list !.

GREAT PRICE of £195.00 excluding shipping and UK VAT

No UK VAT to pay if you live outside the EEC Countries

If you want to hear the impressive sound of the rear pipes on an XK8 from one of our happy customers in Italy, then CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to Contact Dave if you want to order

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