Jaguar XJ8 X308 Rear Bumper Bracket Replacement Kit

Jaguar XJ8 XJR (X308) Rear Bumper Bracket Replacement Kit

It is very common for the mountings of the rear bumper cover and beam on the XJ8 / XJR (X308) Model to corrode badly eventually leading to departure of the bumper from the mountings and potentially the bumper then resting on the rear exhaust tail pipes

This problem is down to the mounting bracket which is made from a form of glass reinforced fibre composite plus an alloy stud with steel insert which corrodes badly. The only answer is to change the mounting brackets and associated parts which are not costly and then protect the components by the liberal use of copper grease to prevent similar problems in the future.

Here is the recommended kit of parts to sort this area of the car out:

* Rear Bracket – Bumper Mounting Bracket x 2
* Strut to Beam Spacer x 2
* Short Thread Bolt x 2

Jaguar XJ8 / X308 Rear Bumper Bracket Replacement Kit / Price of £169.75 + Shipping and VAT.

No VAT to pay if you live outside of the UK.


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