Thomas Meyer’s Superb XKR / X150 Car Completes Route of Sweden Event

Thomas Meyer’s Great Looking Jaguar XKR / X150 Car Completes Gruelling Route of Sweden 2012 Event – Body Panels, Lights and other Parts Supplied by Dave Roche XK8 / XKR Parts

Jaguar XKR – X150 Owned by Thomas Meyer

For the New Shape X150 XK8 and XKR we can now supply a wide range of Parts and Accessories including:

* Servicing Parts
* Ignition
* Front Suspension
* Rear Suspension
* Brakes
* Lighting
* Engine Parts
* Exterior Styling and Accessories

Jaguar XKR X150 Owned By Thomas Meyer

Check Out the Promotional Video:


Contact Dave Roche XK8 and XKR Parts if you need anything for your New Shape X150 Jaguar.

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Jaguar X150 XK8 and XKR Parts

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