Throttle Body C2A1444 Electronic Air Assisted Fuel Injection XK8 and X...

C2A1444 Air Assisted Fuel Injection Electronic Throttle Body XK8 and XJ8 4.0 Non Supercharged

C2A1444 Air Assisted Fuel Injection Electronic Throttle Body XK8 and XJ8 4.0 Non Supercharged

In 1999 Jaguar introduced a new advanced electronic air assisted fuel injection throttle body for the Jaguar XK8 and XJ8 Cars.

These are the key features of this electronic throttle body:

* Pedal Position Sensor
* Throttle Position Sensor
* Throttle Motor
* Fully motorised control of the throttle valve from the Engine Management System (EMS)
* Air Assisted Fuel Injection Control Valve

As all these components are controlled by the car’s EMS, if there is a problem with any one of these parts then the EMS can cause the car to suddenly stall or switch the car to ‘Fail Safe / ‘Limp Home Mode’ and seriously restrict and reduce the performance of the car. This can be very dangerous and disturbing when travelling at speed !. Common problems with this unit are associated with the pedal position sensor (PPS), throttle motor and throttle position sensor (TPS). Upon running a diagnostics check typical fault codes might be coming up as – P0121, P1121, P1222, and P1632

At the time of writing the price of a new throttle body from Jaguar is £1339.00 + Shipping and VAT Each !. Used units with no guarantee of their condition are now selling for anything between £250 and £350 + Shipping and VAT


Due to the high cost for Jaguar XK8 and XKR owners of a new Throttle Body, we are now pleased  be offer a professionally refurbished throttle body exchange service to significantly reduce the cost for owners.

The refurbishing service includes:

* Internal and External clean of the Throttle Body unit

* Unit is electronically tested for problems

* Any failed parts are either replaced or repaired

* New gasket is supplied – this ‘should’ always be replaced

* Provision of 12 months warranty on the refurbished unit.

Price of the Refurbished Throttle Body C2A1444 – £495.00 + Shipping and VAT with £100 ‘Cash Back’ on return of your old Throttle Body 


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