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In earlier examples of the Jaguar XK8 / XKR, slow or erratic operation of the hood is typically caused by the type of oil used in the hydraulic system. This has a tendency to coagulate and take on the form of marmalade type strands which obviously then will affect the operation of the hood mechanism. Since then, Jaguar changed the oil used in the XK8 / XKR hood mechanism.

To therefore resolve problems with the XK8 / XKR hood operation parts and system in the earlier cars there is a need to drain the system, to then fully strip down the hydraulics, flush through the oil and then replace with the new oil. Ideally the system needs to be flushed 2-3 times to ensure the old oil is fully removed and to ensure the future smooth operation of the hood mechanism system.

The procedure to change the oil should be available in one of the Jaguar forums.

One of the XK8 / XKR tools that may be required is the Allen key supplied with all convertible models and sited in the boot next to the pump. This enables the hood to be hand wound down in the event of complete electrical failure.

The correct fluid to use is Pensoil CHF 11S.

Correct oil for XK8 and XKR convertibles

Correct oil for XK8 and XKR Convertibles

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