Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Front Xenon Headlamp Ballast Unit

Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Front Xenon Headlamp Ballast Unit

Later model Jaguar XK8 and XKR’s (Post Vin A30645) are fitted with Xenon HID (High-intensity discharge – produce light with an electric arc rather than a glowing filament) front heandlamps. HID headlamp bulbs do not run on low-voltage DC current and therefore require a ballast unit to provide and control the current to the headlamp. On XK8 and XKR’s the sealed ballast unit is located at the bottom of the headlamp assembly and is therefore prone to getting dirty and damp. Failure of this unit is fairly common resulting in no light being produced or intermitant lighting.

In the past the only solution here was to buy a complete new headlamp assembly currently around £800 including VAT. Now we are pleased to say that we can supply a new Genuine Valeo OE replacement ballast unit. A very large saving can now be achieved by repairing the headlamp rather that replacing it. Once the headlamp assembly is removed from the car the ballast unit is simply screwed to the base and then connected to the wiring loom.

In around 90% of cases the ballast unit is the problem causing Xenon headlamp problems and failure.

Price of the genuine Valeo Ballast unit is £185.00 + shipping and VAT each

No UK VAT to pay if you live outside of the UK and EEC Countries


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