Jaguar XKR XJR ‘Upgraded’ Supercharger Intercooler Radiator MNC8200AFU

Jaguar XKR Upgraded Supercharger Intercooler Radiator

Save Money and Improve Your Car’s Cooling !!

Unfortunately, Jaguar did not design much reserve into the standard Jaguar XKR / XJR intercooler circuit. If coolant and inlet air temperatures rise too much, the ECU detects the changes and retards ignition accordingly to protect the engine – this will even happen on a standard car in hot conditions.

Unless intended for track or very hard road use, the cooling system can cope comfortably with a single pulley upgrade. Driven hard however, standard and single pulley upgraded engines will benefit from cooler inlet air temperatures, and that means more power. Engines with both pulleys upgraded don’t just benefit from uprated intercooling – they need it.

Even if you have the standard XKR / XJR Supercharger set up with no pulley upgrades having upgraded radiator / intercooler cooling can only be a major benefit to assist in the adequate cooling of these typically hot running V8 engines. See below the new replacement radiator which has over ‘double’ (0.85 litre for the standard radiator, and 1.9 litres for the upgraded radiator)  the capacity of the standard Jaguar Intercooler radiator.

Upgraded and Standard Intercooler Radiator Capacity Comparison

We have in stock high quality aluminium drop-in replacement intercooler radiators to fit the XKR and XJR. These items are a bolt-out, bolt-in replacement for the XKR factory intercooler radiator (grinding/trimming of bonnet hinges is required on XJR models).

At the time of writing the price of the standard XKR / XJR Intercooler radiator Part Number MNC8200AF is £756.51 + VAT (if available !)

Save Money and Improve Your Car’s Cooling – Special Offer Price of £475.00 + shipping and VAT

No UK VAT to pay if you live outside of the UK


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