Second Generation V8 Tensioners – What Does Your Car Have ?

Jaguar XK8 XKR Jaguar V8 Timing Chain Tensioners Old and New

In their zeal to reduce the weight of the valve train and related components as a way of improving fuel efficiency, the Jaguar engineers underdesigned the AJ-V8’s timing gear: in particular, the cam chain tensioners. These plastic components are part of the AJ-V8’s single-chain design, a weight-saving alternative to the more robust double-chain approach Jaguar has used on most of its six-cylinder engines. (The new 4.2L version of the Jaguar AJ-V8 engine has double timing chains.)

As a result of their weak design and other factors like engine overheating or poor maintenance, the plastic cam chain tensioners on 1997 to 2000 V8 Jaguars began to experience stress fractures, and so did some of the plastic guides. While the cars were under warranty, many tensioners were replaced by Jaguar service departments with improved components.

To learn how to tell what your car has read more below:

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