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Jaguar XK8 XKR Front Bumper

Jaguar made three changes to the front bumper / cover of the X100 XK8 and R’s over their life. The first bumper was used in cars from 1996 to 2000. Then from 2002 to 2003 the bumper was given a slight facelift with larger oval shaped fog lights fitted but essentially the same as the earlier bumper. However from 2004 to 2006 a deeper bumper was fitted to give the cars a more modern look. This has the normal grill aperture but due to the increased depth of the front bumper this allows for a further air vent to be positioned below the main grill.

The Jaguar Parts Number and indicative prices are:

96 to 00 – HJD6468AAXXX 

01 to 03 – HJE6468ADXXX 

04 to 06 – C2N3109XXX from Vin A40265

If you have an early car and want to save a lot of money then we can supply the 01 to 03 bumper. This will require the fitting of the larger oval shapes fog lights as the earlier fog lights cannot be easily fitted to the 01 to 03 bumper.

The later / deeper bumper has a horizontal edge that relates to the top of the side sill which then lines up to the corresponding edge in the 04 to 06 rear bumper. So fitting a later bumper to an earlier car will not look right unless the bumper, sills and rear bumper are all changed to the later style.

We have a selection of used and new front bumpers ranging from £195.00 + Shipping and VAT.

No VAT to pay if you live outside EEC Countries.


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