Jaguar XK8 XKR 4.0 AND 4.2 Sports Catalytic Convertors 200 Cell

XK8 XKR Sports Catalytic Convertors (Cats) 200 Cell

Do your XK8 / XKR Exhaust Catalytic (Cat) Convertors need changing or are you looking for an improvement in performance ?. Then in addition to our standard 400 Cell Cats why not consider replacing with these high quality 200 Cell Sports Cats. These on average will give a 5% to 7.5% power gain so on the Standard V8 engine with 290 bhp – 15 to 22 bhp.

With the oldest Jaguar XK8 now over 23 years old it is not surprising that the exhaust catalytic convertors (Cats) are starting to fail. Indeed some specialists in this area say that they are a service item and should be replaced around the 10 year mark. The internals of the Cat can deteriorate and they are also prone to fracturing as they are bolted to the manifold, gearbox and exhaust system. Therefore, there is limited flexing in the system.

A Cat is made up of tiny little cells where high value metals are deposited which take care of oxidizing the gases that were not fully oxidised in the engine. This helps eliminate harmful gasses. A 400 cell Cat means there are 400 of these cells per square inch.  With these 200 cell Cats the number of cells is halved therefore generating far fewer constraints on the exhaust flow.

This results in improved gas flow and increased performance typically through an improvement in throttle response.

Key Features:

* 200 Cell Monolith for performance and longevity

* made of high grade 304 stainless steel

* twin lambda sensor bosses (upper and lower)

* choice of sleeve or flange fit.

*  5% to 7.5% power gain so on the Standard V8 engine with 290 bhp – 15 to 22 bhp.

* they will fit all 1996-2005  XK8/R’s

Standard Jaguar Cat prices (if available) can range from £1500 to £2500 per pair to replace depending on part numbers which are.


Most of these parts are now no longer available.

Our Special Offer Price for these high quality replacement 200 cell Cats is – £1195 per pair + Shipping and VAT

Production time 5-7 days from receipt of order and payment.

We have found that these replacement CATS also fit great with our range of high quality stainless steel replacement exhaust systems. It will be more cost-effective replace the whole exhaust system at the same time.

No UK VAT to pay by customers residing outside of the EEC Countries.

CLICK HERE to contact Dave to confirm availability and prices.

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