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The Legendary Jaguar V8 engine most of us love ! was designed to be a smooth, powerful and yet quiet engine and there is nothing worse than hearing a constant squealing noise from the engine bay. If on start up and with a cold engine your XK8 or R is making the annoying noise from the front of the car then there is a good chance that this is coming from either a worn drivebelt and / or one or more of the engine drivebelt components. Let’s face it with many cars now recording + 100K miles, all these moving parts take a constant hammering and eventually will need replacement. If you are going to all the trouble of replacing just the drivebelt then why not service the other parts of the drivebelt system as well and complete this area of the car’s service history plus of course lose the annoying noise !.

On both the Jaguar XKR XJR and the other 4.0 and 4.2 V8 engines, the kit parts list is:

1. Drivebelt
2. Drivebelt Tensioner
3. Idler Pulley

The kit we can supply consists of a high quality replacement drivebelt with the remaining parts being genuine Jaguar. If required, we can upgrade the drivebelt to a Jaguar one for an additional cost.

Please note with the exception of the drivebelt, the new parts individually are ‘not’ interchangeable with the old parts and the complete replacement kit needs to be purchased.

Special Offer Price of £178.90 + shipping and VAT for standard XK8 and XKR’s. Please enquire for the later 4.2 XK8 and XKR’s

When ordering please provide the last 6 digits of your car’s chassis number as there are differing kit components covering the V8 models from 2003 to 2006.

Please note:

1. If living outside of the EEC countries then no VAT will be payable.

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