Dipstick for Jaguar XKR XJR Using the Mercedes 722 600 5 Speed Automat...

Dipstick for XKR XJR Using the Mercedes 722 600 Auto Gearbox

The fluid level in your Jaguar XKR / XJR Mercedes 722 600 5 speed automatic gearbox should be checked at regular intervals. These gearboxes have a dipstick tube but surprisingly no dipstick for checking the fluid level !.

The dipstick will tell you if your fluid is up to the required level. There are engine cold and engine hot marks on this dipstick tool. You will need the cold mark if you are changing the oil. These are made with a spring steel cable and come with simple ‘how to use’ instructions.

NOTE – A Jaguar Dealership will typically charge you over £60 to check the gearbox oil ?

Price per dipstick – £15.75 + shipping and VAT.

No UK VAT to pay if you live outside of the UK

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