Upper Spring Mounting Plates – MJA2170BD* Upgraded Urethane Repl...

Jaguar XK8 XKR Upper Spring Mounting Plates MJA2170BD* Upgraded Urethane Replacement Part-Part 24

Is your car suffering from a low ride height or is there a knocking sound coming from the top of the front suspension unit assembly ?

The original Jaguar upper spring mounting plate part is notorious for wear in the bush cushioning material. In some cases this wears down to cause metal to metal contact. This will cause a lowering of the ride height, vibration, instability and knocking from the front suspension. See image below from a customers XK8 Convertible.

XK8 XKR Parts Seriously Worn Upper Mounting Plates MJA2170BD

This XK8 / XKR upper mounting has been upgraded for optimum performance using Urethane as the bush material.

Our price for the Replacement Upgraded Urethane Jaguar XK8 XKR part – MJA2170BD* is £69.75 + shipping and VAT each.

Big Saving over the Jaguar Parts Price and much improved quality and durability ! 

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