XK8 and XKR Parts Cooling System Great Value Service Kit

Upgrade and Service your XK8 Cooling System for Just 26% More than the cost of a Water Pump from Jaguar !

XK8 XKR Parts Water Pump and Thermostat Housing Service Kit

On all car engines it is vital that the cooling system is working efficiently to avoid over heating and then possible failure of head gaskets, premature wear of the crankshaft bearings etc. The Jaguar V8 4.0 Litre engine cooling system has a history of problems relating to the break up of blades in the early water pumps and the cracking of the plastic thermostat housing. Also although Jaguar says the engine coolant is ‘Long Life’, this should be changed every 20,000 to 30,000 miles as it will lose it’s corrosion inhibitor and anti freezing qualities. Regular flushing of the system is also vital to remove the build up of contaminants that can restrict / block flow in the waterways.

If you are going to replace individual parts, why not service the other parts of the system at the same time ?.

Our great value service kit includes:

1. Correct specification coolant – 5 Litres to make 10 litres when mixed with water (either green or red)
2. Latest Spec OE Water Pump and Gasket (3 Year Warranty)
3. All Alloy Thermostat Housing including caps and seals
4. Thermostat and Seal

Special Offer Price Just = £139.75 + Shipping and VAT.

That’s just 26% more than the cost of a Genuine Jaguar Water Pump !

When servicing the cooling system, it is critical that the correct specification of coolant is used either green for early cars or red for later cars. The two are different and should never be mixed. Please provide the last 6 digits of your cars chassis number so we can provide the right coolant.

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