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Determining what aftermarket upgrades will improve your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal or diminish it can be difficult. Many people have espoused putting on aftermarket components deemed worthy of inclusion, only to be embarrassed later once it was installed (see: rear spoilers). Fortunately, when it comes to lighting, poorly selected add-ons can simply become invisible just by turning them off. For that reason alone, there’s less presumptive risk in pursuing an aftermarket lighting upgrade on a Jaguar. Like other high-end vehicles, though, you always want to make a positive impression with a Jaguar, and lighting on a car can be a difficult area to master. If you’re already past headlight and tail light upgrades, however, you may want to pursue a form of novelty lighting: undercar lighting.

For those who don’t know, Jaguar undercar lighting components are any add-on lights used to highlight the underside of the vehicle. Though their legality varies from state to state and country to country, in general, undercar lighting is used more as a novel, flashy feature to show off to friends and other car enthusiasts, rather than being used for any on-road lighting purposes. While a Jaguar usually blends into the darkness at night with only its headlights and tail lights visible, with Jaguar undercar lights, the outline of the vehicle itself is suddenly much clearer.

Undercar lighting isn’t a narrow category. If you want your Jaguar to really ‘pop’ and be noticed, try vivid, extra-bright Jaguar undercar LED neons. LEDs are substantially brighter than many other vehicular light sources, and that means they pack a lot of punch even when taking up relatively little space. If you prefer, however, you can arrange some Jaguar neon tubes on the underside of your vehicle, for a more traditional approach to undercar lighting.

Undercar lights can be powered by the vehicle’s own lighting systems, or the lights can be independently powered by an add-on battery if you so desire. For the greatest energy efficiency, try using only a few LEDs, which cost a lot less power to run but will be just as bright as a whole arrangement of neon tubes and such. As for color selection, you can really outfit your Jaguar with any color lights you desire, but you should set them to be a different hue than what your vehicle’s tail lights and headlights are, so as to avoid any unnecessary confusion. That way, you can enjoy these undercar lights without putting you or other drivers at risk due to on-road lighting misidentification.

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Jaguar undercar lighting

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