XK8 Parts Review – Key Fob Availability and Programming

XK8 Parts Review - Programme your Key Fob

XK8 Parts Review – Programme your Key Fob

PLEASE NOTE: This procedure will only work if you have only one key fob and you need to programme this to the car by itself. If you have two and need to replace one of these the two fobs need to be programmed in simultaneously. This needs to be done by either a Jaguar main dealership or independent garage or auto locksmith with the correct computer software to do this.

If your key fob has been lost, failed or is just looking worn out and the XK8 part needs to be replaced then there is a procedure to be followed to programme the key fob for your XK8 / XKR car. A typical Jaguar Dealership will charge you for the programming procedure, possibly up to half an hour of time. However, the procedure is fairly straightforward as follows:

Pull the headlamp flasher stalk towards you and at the same time, turn the ignition key to position one. Then release the stalk and flash the lamps five times. Press any button on the fob and then turn off the ignition and the fob should be programmed. After five flashes, you should hear a noise from the security sounder and then also a bleep after you press each key on the fob.

Click Here to contact Dave Roche @ XK8 Parts if you need a replacement Key Fob or require any further details.

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