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LATEST CTEK Battery Charger / Conditioner MXS 3.8

LATEST CTEK Battery Charger / Conditioner MXS 3.8

Many XK8 and XKR owners take their cars off the road in winter months and they can often be left for weeks without being started. In our post on the XK8 / XKR window reset procedure (click here), we reported on how easily the battery can become discharged when left for a time which will then require a battery recharge, the resetting of windows, radio code etc. Also, the constant drain can permantly damage the Jaguar model 017 battery.

It’s recommended to purchase one of the latest battery maintenance chargers to avoid these problems occurring and allow you to start your car any time with a fully charged battery. One such product recommended by other XK8 and XKR owners in the forums is the CTEK Multi XS 3600. This is a switch mode charger with pulse maintenance which uses state-of-the-art technology with its four step fully automatic charging cycle IUoUp. You can use the MULTI XS 3600 to charge a range of batteries, from small 1.2Ah to large 120Ah. CTEK chargers can be connected for months without harm to your battery and vehicle. Charging can normally take place while the battery is still on the vehicle. A very useful tool for any home, garage or workplace.

CTEK chargers can be connected for long periods of time in protective pulse maintenance mode without any damage to the battery. The chargers are safe for use with all electronics so no disconnection from the vehicle is necessary. Also the chargers are spark proof, short circuit proof and reverse polarity protected. CTEK can charge drained or sulphated batteries even if the mains voltage is as low as 170 volts. Fitted with a UK Plug so there is no need for an adapter. Note for European customers, a Euro Adaptor can be provided.

LATEST CTEK Battery Charger / Conditioner MXS 3.8 – £69.95 + Shipping and VAT.

No VAT to pay if you live outside EEC Countries.


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