DCR XK8 and XKR (X100) Newly Refurbished Used Parts

DCR XK8 XKR Newly Refurbished Used Parts

It helps to try and do our bit for the environment by reusing and refurbishing good used parts and also to meet the requirements of our customers when the parts from Jaguar are not available.

Here we have a selection of professionally refurbished used parts just in to help keep these great XK8 and XKR cars on the road.

These include:

* Rear subframe (C2N1017)
* Rear subframe mounting brackets (MJA3701AA, MJA3700AA,MJA3701BA, MJA3700BA)
* Front caliper carriers to allow the fitting of the larger 325mm brake discs.
* Upper front wishbone arms (JLM21378, MJD1421AA, MJD1420AA)
* Lower front wishbone arms (MJB1341AC, MJB1340AC)

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XK8 and XKR (X100) Clear Lens Set for Cars with Front and Rear Bumper Indicators

Clear Lens and Reflector Set for Cars with Front and Rear Bumper Indicators

Give Your Jaguar XK8 / XKR a Distinctive, Updated and Impressive Look !

Enhance the look of your XKR & XK8 with these clear side indicators and bumper reflector lenses. The old amber and red reflectors and indicators tend to 'date' the look of the XK8 and XKR's. This complete clear lens set has been designed to fit USA, Canada and Taiwan Models (having front and rear bumper indicators). They will complement and enhance the car's distinctive styling.

The set consists of:

x4 Clear Reflectors (For cars with front and rear bumper indicators with bulb holders)

x2 Clear Side Indicators

x2 Chromium bulbs that flash amber (For the indicators)

Price per set £95.00 + shipping and VAT.

No UK VAT Payable if you live outside of the UK and EEC Countries.

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Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Rear Bumper Bracket Replacement Parts Kit

Jaguar XK8 XKR Rear Bumper Bracket Replacement Kit

It is very common for the mountings of the rear bumper cover and beam on XK8/XKR/X100 models to corrode badly eventually leading to departure of the bumper from the mountings and potentially the bumper then resting on the rear exhaust tail pipes !. This happened to one of our customers who was touring Europe at the time and his embarrassment in having to complete the tour with the bumper wired into position as a temporary fix until returning back to the UK.

This problem is down to the mounting bracket which is made from a form of glass reinforced fibre composite plus an alloy stud with steel insert which corrodes badly. The only answer is to change the mounting brackets and associated parts which are not costly and then protect the components by the liberal use of copper grease to prevent similar problems in the future.

The securing bolts to secure the bumper cover / beam  to the brackets will most probably be seized in position. Often it is best to cut off the brackets and to work on the bumper on a work bench. It is likely that the securing bolts will be seized to the brass ferrules in the bumper beam which can seize and eventually rotate when trying to remove the bolts. These will be need re-glued in position and possibly tapped out to reclaim the threads. 

The bumper guides securing the bumper sides to the metal bracket welded onto the inner structure can also be problematic due to corrosion. The nut often has to be cut off as the captive nut in the plastic bracket will just rotate round. Check out the metal brackets for corrosion. We have had a bracket made to solve this problem. CHECK OUT THE BODY REPAIR PANELS SECTION

So based on personal experience in doing this job, here is the recommended kit of parts to sort this area of the car out

* Rear Bumper Brackets x 2 HJE6567AA @ £44.09 each = £88.18

* Short thread hexagon bolt x 2 JBU11218E x 2 @ £3.53 = £7.06

* Spacer strut to beam x 2 HJA6544AA  @ £3.28 = £6.56

* Guide block to side bumper bracket x 2 HJA6554AB @ £4.0 = £8

* M8 Nut x 2 JFM108047 @ £0.27 = £0.55

TOTAL KIT PRICE -  £110.35 + shipping and VAT

No UK VAT Payable if you live outside of the UK and EEC Countries.

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DCR AutoParts – UK Domestic and WorldWide Shipping Services

The Key Features of our service include:

* UK shipping typically using Fedex and UPS as high quality service providers

* Can export to Over 200 Countries WorldWide

* Tax Free Export to countries outwith the European Union (EU)

* VAT free exporting to businesses in the EU who have a valid EU VAT Registration number

* Experience in exporting parts across the World and in the preparation of export documentation resulting in a smooth shipping process for both parties

* Experienced in shipping larger car parts including body panels, engines, wheels, exhausts either via air freight or road freight to reduce costs

* Excellent customer support in being able to quickly track consignments and to resolve any shipping issues should they arise

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DCR Jaguar XK8 XKR Parts and Accessories

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