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Jaguar XK8 and XKR Vehicle Identification (for Parts Ordering), Engine Number Location and Trim Codes

The Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) looks like a complex set of letters and numbers stamped on the ‘B’ post on the left had side of your Jaguar XK8 / XKR. This number gives you a unique insight into the precise specification of your Jaguar. Very importantly, for enquiring and ordering XK8 and XKR parts you will need to provide the last 6 digits of the code so the correct parts can be identified.

Using my car’s VIN as an example, the structure of the 17 character code is as follows:

XK8 Parts Review - VIN System
XK8 Parts Review - VIN System

Vehicle Identification Number Ranges (last 6 digits) for Jaguar XK8 and XKR Parts Ordering.

The following are the Model Years of production and the 6 digit VIN numbers ranges required for XK8 and XKR Parts ordering. From your code, you will be able to confirm the model year of your Jaguar XK8 / XKR.

1997 Model Year From VIN 001246 to 018107

1998 Model Year From VIN 018108 to 024686

1998 (Change in Year) Model Year From VIN 024687 to 031302

1999 Model Year From VIN 031303 to 042775

2000 Model Year From VIN A00083 to A11050

2001 Model Year From VIN A11051 to A24195

2002 Model Year From VIN A24196 to A30644

2003 Model Year From VIN A30645

2003 Model Year From VIN A35155

2004 Model Year From VIN A36874

2004.5 Model Year From VIN A40265

2005 Model Year From VIN A42348

2006 Model Year From VIN A44686

Jaguar XK8 and XKR Engine Number Location and Identification (for Parts Ordering)

This is a 10 digit number and for my 2001 XK8 this is recorded on my UK registration document. That is one place to look if you have a UK Registered car.

The physical location of the the engine number on an XK8 / XKR is a vertical rib on the left side of the block, viewed from undrneath, just above the steering rack. It will look something like 0008182310. This means the following:

00= year
08= month

That's the built date of the engine, which has no direct relationship to the build date of the car. Just for your info, if the engine number is before 000818xxxx, it has Nikasil bores." Really important if you want to know the history of your engine !.

1990's - 2009 Jaguar Colour Trim Codes: All Models Inlcuding Jaguar XK8 and XKR

Almond (AGM)
Antelope (AGE)
Barley (SEL)
Blonde/Lt. Sand (SEN)
Canvas (AMN)
Caramel (SEP)
Cashew (APH)
Cashmere (SDZ)
Catkin (HFX)
Cranberry (CGT)
Cream (NDR)
Dove (LHJ)
Ebony Black (PVJ)
Evergreen (HGX)
Granite (LGP)
Heritage Tan (ADY)
Ivory (NED)
London Tan (APJ)
Mink (AGN)
Mocha (AMB)
Navy (JMN)
Nimbus (LFT)
Oatmeal (AGD)
Oyster (AMT)
Pewter (LGM)
Pine (HFY)
Regetta Blue (LGT)
Rioja (CHJ)
Sable (AEK)
Sage Green (HFA)
Sand (ADX)
Slate Blue (LJK)
Smoke Grey (LHY)
Spice (AMV)
Stone (LJE)
Terracotta (AMA)
Truffle (AMS)
Warm Charcoal (LEG)


XK8 and XKR Parts

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