Oil Leak from Jaguar XKR 4.0 With the Mercedes 722 600 Gearbox

If one day you see that oil has been leaking from the gearbox on your XKR 4.0 it is likely that this is from the in-line electrical connector on the front right hand corner of the transmission. This will be due to 'O' ring failure. When doing this job I would also treat the gearbox to a filter and oil change if not done already. The image below shows the new replacement connector JLM21109 with O rings which were the cause of the leak on the old part.

In Line Connector JLM21109

Read below how this was replaced on Ian's 1999 XKR 4.0 with only 43,000 miles on the clock.

The image below shows the offending item in situ. It is a fairly simple but fiddly job to do.

Location of Inline Connector

The image below shows the tab on the side of the new fitting. This will be seen high up as fitted on the car. Hook something on to this and pull down, thus releasing the plug which simply pulls out.

In Line Connector JLM21109

The housing left in the box can be pulled out AFTER undoing the central bolt in the bottom. 7mm + long extension. The offending 'O' rings may or may not come out with the fitting. Clean inside the hole.

Inline Connector Removed

Assembly is a simple reversal after lubricating the new 'O' rings. It is fiddly to get things in the correct rotational position but the main parts slide in easily once lined up correctly. Remember to lightly tighten the 7 MM bolt and to lock the tab. Replace the heat shield and bracket.

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