Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) Rear Bumper Bracket Replacement Parts Kit

Jaguar XK8 XKR Rear Bumper Bracket Replacement Kit

It is very common for the mountings of the rear bumper cover and beam on XK8/XKR/X100 models to corrode badly eventually leading to departure of the bumper from the mountings and potentially the bumper then resting on the rear exhaust tail pipes !. This happened to one of our customers who was touring Europe at the time and his embarrassment in having to complete the tour with the bumper wired into position as a temporary fix until returning back to the UK.

This problem is down to the mounting bracket which is made from a form of glass reinforced fibre composite plus an alloy stud with steel insert which corrodes badly. The only answer is to change the mounting brackets and associated parts which are not costly and then protect the components by the liberal use of copper grease to prevent similar problems in the future.

The securing bolts to secure the bumper cover / beam  to the brackets will most probably be seized in position. Often it is best to cut off the brackets and to work on the bumper on a work bench. It is likely that the securing bolts will be seized to the brass ferrules in the bumper beam which can seize and eventually rotate when trying to remove the bolts. These will be need re-glued in position and possibly tapped out to reclaim the threads. 

The bumper guides securing the bumper sides to the metal bracket welded onto the inner structure can also be problematic due to corrosion. The nut often has to be cut off as the captive nut in the plastic bracket will just rotate round. Check out the metal brackets for corrosion. We have had a bracket made to solve this problem. CHECK OUT THE BODY REPAIR PANELS SECTION

So based on personal experience in doing this job, here is the recommended kit of parts to sort this area of the car out

* Rear Bumper Brackets x 2 HJE6567AA @ £44.09 each = £88.18

* Short thread hexagon bolt x 2 JBU11218E x 2 @ £3.53 = £7.06

* Spacer strut to beam x 2 HJA6544AA  @ £3.28 = £6.56

* Guide block to side bumper bracket x 2 HJA6554AB @ £4.0 = £8

* M8 Nut x 2 JFM108047 @ £0.27 = £0.55

TOTAL KIT PRICE -  £110.35 + shipping and VAT

No UK VAT Payable if you live outside of the UK and EEC Countries.

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Jaguar XKR OEM Quality Timing Chains and Tensioners Replacement – Job Successfully Done !

Jaguar XKR OEM Quality Tensioners and Chains Replacement - Job Successfully Done !

If it has not been done already, this is one of the top jobs to do on the 4.0 XK8 and XKR's. With Pierre our good customer in Sweden we wanted to be sure he had the best quality parts, correct tools and best professional advice on how to this job.

From Pierre's email:

"Hi Dave, I just want to let you know that we have successfully replaced all the tensioners, chains, waterpump, thermostat, seals and gaskets etc. I am very pleased with the parts, recommendations made, tools and the guide you provided so I have recommended you on Jaguar Forums. I strongly advise that you all do invest in this job, if you have not changed the old ones already, in my cases two of the old "slides" where complete cracked and broken, so it was just a matter of time before something serious happened".

Thanks Pierre I am glad all went well and that you now have complete of mind that this problem area has been sorted and to prevent major costs in the future.

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Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) New Replacement Vehicle Car Handbook

Jaguar XK8 XKR (X100) New  Replacement Vehicle Car Handbook

It is surprising how many XK8 / XKR owners (including myself before I managed to buy a used one!) do not have this handbook as part of the guides originally supplied by Jaguar. Either it has been taken out of the car to read and not put back or has been mislaid. It is a top level guide to understanding and caring for your XK8 and XKR. It will save you time and money if you follow the guide and undertake some of the basic checks and maintenance yourself. Also you will have a much better knowledge and understanding of the car. The guide is intended for mid range XK8 and XKR's around 2000 and 2001 but the majority of the information applies to both the earlier and later cars.

The detailed contents list is a follows:

1. Introduction

General Information
The Jaguar Diagnostic System
Safety Precautions
Safety, Warning and Caution Labels
General Precautions
Used Engine Oil
Hydraulic Fluids
Hood Release Control

2. Cleaning

Exterior Care
Interior Care

3. Routine Checks

Regular Checks
Tyre Pressure Check
Reservoir and Dipstick Locations
Checking and Replenishment
Check/Top Up Engine Oil Level
Checking Coolant Level
Check/Top Up Windscreen Washer
Powerwash Reservoir
Check/Top Up Brake Fluid Reservoir
Check/Top Up Power Steering Fluid Reservoir
Cooling System
Engine Anti-freeze
Engine Block Heater
Recommended Engine Oil

4. Roadside Emergency Service

Temporary-use Spare Wheel (where fitted)
Spare Wheel and Jacking Equipment
Spare Wheel Stowage
Wheel Changing and jacking
Fitting the Spare Wheel
Emergency Starting
Vehicle Recovery
Fuses and Fuse Boxes
Fuse Box Locations
Fuse Ratings and Circuits
Control Modules - Identification and Location
Relay Identification and Location
Fire Extinguisher

5. Vehicle maintenance

Regular Servicing
Care of Wheels
Bulb Renewal
Bulb Chart
Windscreen Wiper Blades
Windscreen Washers

6. Specifications

Vehicle Data
Weights (Approximate)
Dimensions (Coupe and Convertible)
Wheel/Tyre Data
Fuel Requirements

7. Accessories

Electrical Accessories
Electrical Accessory Supply Sockets
Earth Points

PRICE OF £34.75 + Shipping and NO VAT TO BE CHARGED.

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